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Presented here you will find the latest information about certification in the Russian Federation and the Customs Union. As the major scientific institution, we are deeply involved with the important developments in the field.

We offer the most relevant information and the first class certification services, but we go beyond certification. We partner with organizations of equal stature to achieve all your dreams of exporting goods and services to Russia and doing business there.

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Vilya G. Versan CEO, VNIIS


VNIIS represents RF in ISO

Instructed by Rosstandart, VNIIS represents the Russian Federation in the Conformity Assessment Committee (CASCO)and the Technical Committee for Quality Management and Quality Assurance (ISO/TC 176) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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Certification. General Information

This section provides general information about certification in Russia, including certification of products, services and management systems. In particular, the major Russian certification system GOST R is illustrated. VNIIS' scope of accreditation such as Primary Products, Softgoods, Electrical Equipment, Foodstuffs and Food Raw Materials, Personal Protective Equipment, Machinery, Perfumery and Cosmetics is presented.

Provision of Permits and Approval Documents for Entrepreneurs

VNIIS determines if a particular product or service needs to be certified in order to be sold to the markets of the Customs Union (the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Republic of Kazakhstan). Upon determination VNIIS offers certificates of conformity or provides official documents stating that the product does not need to be certified.

Management Systems

We provide assistance in development and implementation of ISO 9001 QMS; ISO 14001 EMS, and HACCP systems.

Technical Regulation

VNIIS is a major developer of the Russian certification laws including the Concept of the National Quality Policy for products and services.


VNIIS administers the secretariats of the national technical committees for standardization.

Services for Exporters to Russia

VNIIS is the provider of a “single Market access window” services to obtain all the permissive documents necessary for legal export of products and services to the Russian Federation and their subsequent marketing, sales and usage. We also provide the same package of services to access the unified territory of the Customs Union that includes the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Republic of Kazakhstan.

Order a Certification Service Recommended Procedure


VNIIS provides consulting services for conformity assessment of products and services and methodological assistance with registration certificates of conformity, mandatory certification for retailers and others.


VNIIS is the Russian Technical Authorization Center for a new certification system called
"Food and Pharmaceuticals Quality and Safety Systems".

Russian Government Quality Award

VNIIS has adapted the European Quality Award to the Russian market specifics. VNIIS administers the Secretariat of the Russian Government Quality Award Board.

Expert Training

The Institute provides educational services in the areas of its expertise. The services are provided as trainings based on the Institute's own training center and graduate courses.

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For more than 45 years VNIIS has been your reliable, competent and reputable partner in establishing and supporting robust businesses.

VNIIS represents the Russian Federation in CASCO and Technical Committee ISO/TC 176.

VNIIS is a partner of the following major brands: SGS, Switzerland; TÜV Rheinland, Germany; DAS Certification, UK.

VNIIS is a leader in developing of a scientific framework and procedures for Management Systems. The systems are created and certified on the basis of international standards.

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